SNAPSQUAD is the result of the coming together of 3 internationally and technically diverse individuals with one common passion, photography. Having experienced first hand the difficulty in finding a photographer for a specific shoot, our founders identified a disconnect and the idea for SNAPSQUAD was born. Hailing from London, UK and launching in February 2017, we are initially targeting two cities, London and New York, before rolling out a strategic and phased expansion to other cities across the globe.
For Clients:
Our aim is to make finding a photographer as simple and as easy as possible. Bringing together the most talented photographers/videographers and their specialisms into one easy to navigate marketplace. Along with making the initial search easy, we want to keep choosing process simple too. Our platform allows for community reviews from verified purchasers, multiple photos to showcase portfolios and photographer led pricing, catering for all budgets.
For Photographers and Videographers:
We know that most freelancers gain revenue from multiple streams, for this reason our aim is to compliment ones existing business and be as flexible as possible. To do this, we let photographers make the rules; allowing them to set their rates, hours, locations and specialisms. Quite fancy the idea of a few weeks in Paris? Why not create a listing there and have a working holiday? Having the idea is one thing, having the platform to do it is another. And that’s where we come in. We also understand the frustration of having to chase a client for payment. That’s why we have implemented a payment upfront system, meaning you will always get paid.
SNAPSQUAD is currently free for clients to browse and make bookings. For photographers, we currently have no sign up, listing or monthly subscription fees. This means our only fee is charged on bookings made, therefore, no bookings no fees.

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