31 Ways Of Making Money Through Photography

By SnapSquad - June 30, 2019

Do you sometimes find yourself with a bit of a mind blank and need a little help getting your brain moving? Well, when we were trying to figure out how many ways there were to make money through photography, the usual suspects were quickly mentioned ….. then ….. mind blank! Well, we stumbled on a YouTube video by Sorelle Amore which was really cool and we wanted to share it with you. Check out her list of ideas below and you can watch her full video where she goes into more details on some of these ideas by clicking here.  

  1. Wedding photography 
  2. Boudoir photography 
  3. Maternity photography 
  4. Infant photography 
  5. Newborn photography 
  6. Kids photography 
  7. Family portraits 
  8. Animal/Pets photography 
  9. Instagram photography
  10. Concert photography 
  11. Festival photography 
  12. Nightlife photography 
  13. Special niche photography
  14. Business photography
  15. Real estate photography
  16. Business event photography
  17. Selfies (advanced)
  18. Social media photography (retainer from small businesses)
  19. Headshot photography
  20. Editing and retouching for other photographers 
  21. Stock photography 
  22. Photography assistants
  23. Event photography
  24. Teaching photography online
  25. Local paper photography
  26. Photo tours and workshops
  27. Selling prints online (only when you're really good )
  28. Fashion photography 
  29. Product photography
  30. Advertising photography
  31. Paparazzi

Clearly there are endless ways to make money through photography and hopefully, this gave your brain a little jolt so you can find the right way for you.

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