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Organiser: Artic Exposure  
Instructor: Aron Reynisson
Location: Iceland. Meet in Reykjavik

This workshop is for those who love capturing the most astonishing locations, in this case, ice caves and glacier lagoons on the South Coast of Iceland.

On the South Iceland Winter Photography Workshop we focus on Northern lights in some of the unique locations in Iceland, frozen waterfalls, glaciers and ice caves. South Iceland has amazing soft light in the winter, glaciers and ice turn into magical sculptures. For first time visitors to Iceland, this is an ideal workshop to explore the stunning glaciers in winter in contrast with the black volcanic sand.

Cost: US$4200   Single supplement US$750 – Maximum 8 participants.                                                                                                    


Instructor: Jenny Lim

Location: Kimmel Center, Philadelphia, USA

Participants will be able to access areas otherwise off limit to the public, and possibly be able to photograph performers during rehearsal.

Cost: US$99


1 - 4

To the Lighthouse

Organiser: Workshops Global
Instructors: Alexa Loy and Rebecca Douglas  

Location: St Yves, UK

This workshop will be focusing on landscapes.

Cost: £650     Includes accommodation and meals. Limited to 12 participants

2 - 9                                                                                                                                                            

Organiser: Arctic Exposure
Instructor: Skarphedinn Thrainsson (landscape photographer)

Location: Iceland – Meet in Reykjavik  

This workshop is for those who love capturing the most astonishing locations, in this case ice caves and glacier lagoons on the South Coast of Iceland.

Cost: US$4200              Single supplement US$750 - Maximum 8 participants.

8 - 11


Instructor: Adam Tan

Location: Perhentian Island, Malaysia

The accommodation may be slightly basic, however, Pulau Perhentian’s seascape is a venue that is absolutely enchanting. 

Adam will bring you to shoot 3 lesser-known-but-beautiful seashores in Perhentian Kecil, and taking you hopping into 2 magical islands for photo-shoot.

Cost: is in Malaysian Ringgits and includes accommodation 
RM 1,400 (Air con twin-sharing)
RM 1,300 (Fan twin-sharing)
Transportation by car-pool RM70 per pax

9 - 10                                                                                                                               

Photographing with Edward Keating

Organiser: Leica Store San Francisco
Instructor: Edward Keating, Pulitzer Prize-winning and New York Times photographer. The Lost 

Dream of Route 66 is his latest book.

Location: Leica Store San Francisco

Cost: US$695 - Maximum10 participants

15 - 16

Chasing Light. Telling Stories

Organiser: Valerie Jardin
Instructor: Valerie Jardin   

Location: NYC, USA

A two-day street photography workshop for beginners as well as experienced photographers.

Cost: $675

16 - 23                                                                                                                

Aurora Borealis & Ice Cave Photo Workshop

Organiser: Arctic Exposure  
Location: Iceland  - Meet in Reykjavik.  
This workshop is for those who love capturing the most astonishing locations, in this case, ice caves and glacier lagoons on the South Coast of Iceland.                                                                                                  
Cost: US$4200      Single supplement US$750 – Maximum 8 participants.                                                                  


Instructor: Alan Kesselhaut

Location: Princeton, New Jersey, USA  

This workshop is designed for photographers using Photoshop 6 or CC.                                                                                                      
Cost: US$179



Philadelphia’s Italian Market

Saturday, April 13, 2019, 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Instructor: Jenny Lynn

Location: Bella Vista neighbourhood, 919 S 9th St, Philadelphia, USA

Cost: US$99


Learning to Photograph People on Location (with live model)

Location: Princeton, New Jersey, USA

Cost: US$189



Saturday, May 4, 2019, 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Instructor: Josh Weiss

Location: East Village, New York City, USA

Learn to identify a good street photo

Cost: $99.00

15 - 25

SCOTLAND: Photo Tour of Scotland

Organiser: Kav Dadfar / Darlene Hildebrandt - Digital Photo Mentor



Location: Scotland - Meet in Edinburgh. 

Scotland is a country of extremes just waiting for you to explore.                                  

If Landscape photography is your thing, you will struggle to find many other places in the world that match up to Scotland.

Small group 6:1 ratio with 1 – 1 support – Maximum 12 pax

All Skill Levels Welcome

Cost: US$5295 

17 - 19

Friday, May 17, 2019 @ 7am through Sunday, May 19, 2019 @3pm

Location: Acadia National Park, Bar Harbor, Maine, USA

A 3-day workshop in one of the most amazing National Parks in the East Coast. Few places offer the spectacular sites Acadia has to offer, unique rocky coast, lighthouses, gentle streams, crystal clear lakes, forests and the first place to catch a beautiful sunrise in the US. Acadia provides opportunities for some of the most amazing Milky Way photography.

Cost: US$495  - Maximum 8 participants. Meals are not included.

26th May to 1st June

CANADA: 2019 Newfoundland Workshop

Location: Newfoundland, Canada

An adventure workshop! You will explore the rugged coast including HUGE sea cliffs, sea stacks, rocky beaches, mountains, and ICEBERGS!   

Cost: US$2450                                                                                                               

Includes training in the field and post-processing training, 1 iceberg boat tour and 1 Western Brook Pond boat tour.                                                               

Accommodation and transportation are not included.         



COLORADO: Night Sky Photography Workshop 

Location: Westcliffe, Colorado, USA.

Westcliffe is the first town in Colorado and the world's highest that's designated as an International Dark Sky Community by the International Dark Sky Association, so it is an excellent place to view and photograph the night sky and the Milky Way. 

Westcliffe is a former mining town that is situated in the Wet Valley about 1.5 hours southwest of Colorado Springs. 

Cost: US$325

The cost of the workshop includes use of a rental home in Westcliffe operated by Dark Skies Vacations. Check-in is at 5 pm. The workshops will start near dusk and end just after sunrise.

15 - 29


Organiser: Photographers Without Borders

Location: Medan, Sumatra, Indonesia

Learn how to create compelling images and to become an ethical storyteller for social change. Trek through the jungle and discover how palm oil impacts people on the local and global level, how reforestation is being accomplished and how everyday heroes are rescuing critically-endangered orangutans in need.

Cost: US$4200   Single supplement US$550 


Organiser: Sebastian Kennerknecht                   

Have you ever had the chance to see an Elk? Photo-shooting wild tule elk in northern California. You will have opportunities for bobcats and coyotes too!

Cost: US$400 – Maximum 4 participants for close encounter with elks.



A 1-day workshop with Opportunities to photograph these cute animals from both land and from the water.

You will take pictures of bachelor rafts, animals feeding, and animals wrapped up in kelp, from a privately chartered boat (sunrise shoot) and from land (sunset shoot). If you’d like to see and photograph these marine mammals along with a slew of other wildlife, this workshop is for you.

Cost: $585.00    Limited to 8 participants.

23rd June to 6th July

Instructor: Terry Abrams

Location: Lisbon, Porto and the North of Portugal

Meet in Lisbon, for 3 nights staying in the historical section of the city with Kasbah-like steep winding streets, local life and views of the Rio Tejo. From Lisbon move N.E. to a small colourful village along the Lima River in Minho province where you will meet local people, and visit historic sites and wineries.                   

End in Porto, on River Douro, whose historic centre is a World Heritage site. Side trips into the Douro Valley, the birthplace of port wine, and heavily terraced vineyards of famous estates. Small villages, local people and authentic fishing villages.
Cost: US$3900   Single supplement US$200 – Maximum 5 participants.

27th June to 2nd July

ITALY: Dolomites Workshop

Instructors: Peter Gordon & Dino Marsango

Location: Italian Alps – Meet in Venice, Italy

Beautiful landscapes and impressive mountains in the Italian Alps. The Dolomites provides a host of amazing photographic opportunities. Stunning lakes, graphic mountains, traditional churches and more.  

The mountains of the Dolomites have very distinctive features and are considered to be a region of such natural importance, that they form a part of a designated UNESCO world heritage site. 

Cost: €2350     Includes: Hotel Accommodation Throughout, Transportation, 2 Meals per Day, Tuition, Location Guide – Maximum 8 participants


Location: Westcliffe, Colorado, USA.

Westcliffe is the first town in Colorado and the world's highest that's designated as an International Dark Sky Community by the International Dark Sky Association, so it is an excellent place to view and photograph the night sky and the Milky Way. 

Westcliffe is a former mining town that is situated in the Wet Valley about 1.5 hours southwest of Colorado Springs. 

Cost: US$325

The cost of the workshop includes use of a rental home in Westcliffe operated by Dark Skies Vacations. 

20 - 27

Instructor: Nikos Kokkas 


Sharpen your photography skills alongside a local pro, a top travel photographer while exploring one of the most fascinating Greek islands, the Cycladic island of Tinos. In a friendly casual format, this photography workshop offers in-depth, hands-on photography instruction, integrated talks, edit-and-critique sessions, and photo assignments into each day’s schedule. 

The experience includes the joy of the company, accommodation in lodgings of regional architectural style, good food, fascinating places to be and time to have fun and relax. 

Cost:  € 2500      Single room supplement  €400 -  Maximum 10 participants

25th July to 5th August

Expedition Workshop in the Cusco Valley and the Amazon Jungle

Instructors: Steve Anchell and Dan Soby

Location: Machu Picchu, Peru

This workshop will take you to the hidden places deep in the Andes without forgetting one of the most ancient wonders of the world – Machu Picchu

Cost: US$4580  Single supplement US$1200

22 - 25

Instructor: Jeff Parker - How to shoot unique flower portraits.

Location: San Juan Mountains, near Silverton, Colorado, USA.

The wildflower-filled mountain basins above timberline in the San Juan Mountains produce the most beautiful landscapes ever seen. You’ll head out daily on unpaved roads that lead to these mountain gems.

Cost: US$1195    Accomodation not included - Maximum 6 participants


8 - 11

Instructor: Dan Ballard

Location: Mefjord Brygge located in the town of Mefjordvær.

Discover the jaw-dropping landscapes of Norway in this 4-day photography workshop. Magnificent peaks, quaint villages and crystal clear fjords set the scene for a fascinating experience. 

Cost: US$1575 - Maximum 7 participants

Includes: Instructions from Dan Ballard, classroom courses, portfolio feedback session, snacks and water.

Does not include: Flights, hotels, car and food.

29th August to 3rd September

Brittany – Bretagne


Instructor: Peter Gordon & Daragh Muldowney

Level: Intermediate to advanced.

Location: This workshop begins and ends in Nantes. The first two nights will be spent in St Malo, then 2 nights in the Brest area of Western Brittany, with a final night in Nantes before departure. 

Think long exposure, think lighthouses, fishing huts, Mont Saint Michel and so much amazing opportunity to shoot great minimal imagery. Big stopper essential. Combine that with a great cultural experience in France, and we feel we are on to a winner with this new tour.

Cost:  €2450 for single occupancy – Maximum 9 participants

Includes accommodation for 5 Nights in a Hotel Single Occupancy, Transportation, Breakfast and Dinner, Location Guide

31st August to 14th September

Instructors: William Manning & Adam Jones

Location: Start in Dubrovnik, Croatia, finish in Ljubljana.

Beauty, history, traditions, and culture are a few words that might describe this region but many more could certainly be used. This Balkan Photography tour has been designed to put photographers in many incredible locations with plenty of time to truly explore all the photo opportunities of each location.

Cost: US$5999    Accommodation included - Minimum 4 and Maximum 12 participants


2 - 11


Organiser: Luminous Landscape

Instructors: Art Wolfe, Kevin Raber and Steve Gosling

Location: Cruise ship Ocean Nova

You will start in Reykjavik and from there, fly to Constable Point to board the Ocean Nova. 
Instructors will make presentations during cruising time and they will be there with you on Zodiac cruises and landings. There will be numerous presentations not only on the region but also on photo techniques and how to maximise your Artic images.

Cost: Per person     

Bridge Twin Cabin  $9,295.00
Upper Deck Twin    $9,795.00         

Visit website for details.

4 - 8

Location: Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming, USA – Meet in Colter Bay, which is a little over an hour drive from Jackson. 

The second weekend in September in the Grand Tetons National Park isn’t yet fall, but it isn’t summer either. The grasses have gone brown and a tree here and there might just show signs of colour. It can be stormy (rain or snow), and it can be clear. It’s the transition time between seasons that is magic to photograph.

This workshop is meant for advanced beginners to expert-level photographers who want to get to the best parts of the park at the best times and also want to refine their skills.

Cost: US$899   Not included: Park pass. Food. Lodging. Gas. Transportation.

14 - 20

Location: Monterey Bay, California, USA.

This 7-day workshop teaches you the skills necessary to pull off a project and get your work in front of publishers. An ideal workshop for anyone passionate about conservation issues, storytelling, and making a difference with your photography!

Your instructors are professional photographers with over 25 years of combined experience in wildlife photography, photojournalism and working in the editorial and publishing fields. They will walk you through the steps of a conservation photojournalism project from concept to completion.

You’ll learn skills in working with a non-profit partner, storyboarding, shooting, processing and editing your story, and developing a pitch for publication. You’ll also receive a printed portfolio of your top images from the week to take home.

Cost: US$3500 - Maximum 6 participants

14 - 20

Organiser: Hans Kruse
Location: Isle of Skye, Scotland

Isle of Skye is known for the dramatic landscape enhanced by dramatic light and weather. There are wonderful seascapes and mountains.

Cost: 2195 Euro – Includes accommodation and meals. A single room for each participant. For a shared double room, the price is 1,920 Euros per participants.

Excluded: Beverages.    
Maximum 10 participants

19 - 26

Organiser: Pictours Portugal
Instructors: Rick Hulbert (architect photographer) and Portuguese based photographers, Fernando Piçarra and Marion McCristall. 

Location: Sintra (UNESCO World Heritage Site), Portugal

Photo opportunities in Sintra, (the most romantic town in Portugal,) the seacoast and villages of the area, historical sites and palaces, and Lisbon, the vibrant capital of Portugal. Join us to explore, create, and be inspired.

Cost: 3745€   Includes Hotel in Sintra for 7 nights, Airport Transfers, All Meals

27th September to 6th October

ITALY: FALL in Tuscany Workshop

Instructor: Robin Davis

Location: Cortona, Italy

The Cortona Center of Photography’s ten day (or one week) Italy workshops are designed to stimulate creative thinking while expanding technical knowledge for beginners, amateurs, and professional photographers. The program is also designed so that students enjoy their time with us, explore the surrounding countryside, the nearby hill towns, and visit some of the Art of Italy.

Cost: Contact the organiser

29 September to 4 October

Location: Penticton, British Columbia

Learn about wine and photography during your vacation in Western Canada. Rich with luscious scenery, savoury food, and wine Okanagan Valley is the perfect setting to improve your wine tasting and photography skills. Over 5-days you will receive expert tuition in both photography and the winemaking process. Dividing your time between learning about and sampling wine, and capturing the beauty of the region through your camera.

During the photography classes, you will get the chance to practice your macro photography in the gardens, portrait photography with the winemakers, and try your hand at some food and wine photography. For those up for the challenge after your evening meal, it is time to work on your night photography.

Cost:  $2597 CAD (approx. US$ 1975)   
           $395 CAD single supplement - Maximum 8 participants

29th September to 10th October

Organiser: Luminous Journeys
Instructor : David Lazar

Location: Bali, Indonesia      
Follow renowned travel photographer & Nat Geo contributor David Lazar through hidden Bali. Private Legong & Kecak dance, Buffalo Bull Races, spectacular rice terraces, portrait sessions w/ the Bali Aga, and surreal Mt. Bromo on the island of Java + Tengerr horsemen.

Cost: US$5750   -  Single supplement US$850 


5 - 12

Instructor: Raul Touzon, National Geographic contributor.

Location: Acadia National Park – Meet in Portland, Maine.

A plethora of pigments and magnificence, a color palette crafted by a higher being, a visually overwhelming landscape and a photographer’s paradise; there are many ways of describing fall in the Maine coast.

Cost: US$2995  Includes accommodation and ground transportation

12 - 25

Organiser: Luminous Journeys
Instructor: A.P Soe Hasselblad award winner.

Location: Meet in Yangon, Myanmar

You will venture to some places no other Burma photo tours do. The itinerary not only offers the most photogenic icons of the country but takes you off the beaten path for rare image making opportunities in the Golden Triangle. Here you will trek to the village of a vanishing tribe and spend most of the day experiencing and photographing them, visit other tribal villages where they still dress in the traditional way and be able to photograph the stunning rice terraces just before the harvest.

Cost: US$6295      
Single supplement US$1150
Includes domestic flights, accommodation and all meals.

15 - 21


Instructor: Michael McLaughlin

Location: Meet in Dublin, Ireland.

The West of Ireland boasts the countries most rugged and wild landscapes.  Beautiful mountains, lakes, rivers and an untamed coastline hugged by the Atlantic Ocean dominate the area. An ideal setting for a photography tour in Ireland. This tour takes place in Autumn so you will be shooting this amazing landscape in prime colour. It’s great time of year for light in Ireland with a great chance for moody misty mornings on dramatic lake shores. Sunrises are at a very reasonable hour. For quality of light, colour, a reasonable temperature October is a fantastic time to shoot in Ireland.

Cost: €3350   
Includes accommodation, transportation, meals and snacks.
Maximum 6 participants.

21 - 25

Location: Gatlinburg, TN, USA

Gatlinburg is a small resort town serving the north side of the park. The closest big city is Knoxville, TN. The closest airport is TYS-McGhee Tyson.

The Great Smoky Mountains National Park is one of America’s greatest and most majestic national parks. During the fall, weathered ridges covered with fall colors literally stretch as far as the eye can see. Streams run down all the valleys and traverse a diversity of biomes. The northern forest intermixes with the southern forest in one of the biologically richest places on the planet. We’ll spend four days immersed from dawn to dusk photographing the fall colors on the peaks and in the streams.

Cost: US$799   includes accommodation.

24 - 28

SCOTLAND: Torridon

Instructors: Peter Gordon and Dargh Muldowner

Location: Torridon, Scotland. Meet at Inverness Airport.

An action-packed weekend for people that want to visit a less beaten track in Scotland. There’s no question well-known locations like Isle of Skye and Glencoe have lots to offer, but Torridon is equally beautiful and far less visited.  Stunning lakes, rivers, beautiful trees and a few good seascapes for good measure.

Our visit is timed to coincide with the stunning Autumn colours that Torridon can offer. There’s a vast amount of stunning native woodland and we have extensive experience with every little nook and cranny.

Cost: €1350    
Includes accommodation, transportation from Inverness, breakfast and dinner. Maximum 9 participants.

26 - 27

Instructor: Jeff Parker

Location: Smithville, Texas, USA

Gain better control over depth-of-field & other macro techniques during this one-day central-Texas MACRO photography workshop with Jeff Parker.

Cost: US$175   Includes extensive hand-out & note-taking packet and a delicious lunch (on-site) - Maximum 8 participants.


1 - 8

Location: Epirus, Greece 

In this unique photographic expedition, we will explore the most famous and most beautiful villages of Zagori (also known as Zagorochoria), a region of exceptional beauty located in the northwest of the country that hides inexhaustible travel treasures. 

Landscape photography, nature photography, architectural photography, night shots and many other interesting technical and photographic secrets will ideally be combined with visits to villages such as Papigo, Monodendri and Dilofo. We will stand in awe in front of the deepest gorge of the world, Vikos Gorge, we will capture the breathtaking beauty of Mount Tymphi, walk alongside two of the finest rivers of the Balkans, Aoos and Voidomatis, and we will shoot, day and night, some of the most beautiful old stone bridges in Greece.

Cost: €3790   Includes accommodation with breakfast.

2 - 16

Organiser: Camera Odysseys 
Instructor: Bruce Byers

Location: Nepal and Bhutan – Meet in Kathmandu.

It will be the rice harvest season giving us the yellow fields at the festival time. The places we will go are off the beaten path at the right time of day. The history of Nepal and Bhutan will inspire you to create. 

The friendly locals and rich culture will embrace you with its kindness, music and art. We’ll travel from the busy city to a private farm, all while being transported to the stone streets of the past.  Whether you’re a seasoned photographer or just want a group of like-minded people to travel with, this trip caters to all.

This beautiful tour around Nepal and Bhutan’s most scenic places takes us to the country’s finest locations with an unparalleled diversity. Camera Odysseys lead by Bruce Byers will take you far past the tourist stops getting you as close to the culture of Nepal and Bhutan as you can.

Cost: US$5695    Single supplement US$500

20 - 26

Instructors: Ken Wright and Richard Young

Location: Bay of Plenty, Tongariro, Taranaki, New Zealand

On this seven-day tour, we take in the most magnificent volcanic landscapes of New Zealand, including Tongariro National Park, White Island (one of the world’s most active volcanoes) and Mt Taranaki. The tour also explores the exquisite Coromandel Coastline. This tour starts in Auckland and finishes in Wellington.

Cost: $4495 (NZD)   Includes accommodation with breakfast, transport during the tour, boat trip to White Island, entry to Rotorua Geothermal Reserve.


3 - 14

Organiser: Epic Photo Tours
Location: Omo Valley – Meet in Addis Ababa

Located in the far southwest of Ethiopia is the Omo Delta, one of the last great tribal regions left in the world. Living in this remote but accessible area is a vast number of tribal groups. Photographic opportunities include documenting the daily life of the tribes, portraiture and scenic shots.

Cost: US$7,600   Single supplement US$160  
Includes accommodation and 2 internal flights - Maximum 6 participants.
Part of your trip fee will be donated to the Omo Child organization.

13 - 21

Location: Havana, Cuba

Instructor: Steve Anchell (award-winning photographer)

The workshop is structured around people photography and architecture, emphasizing the methods Steve taught at the International Center of Photography in NYC and Santa Fe Photographic Workshops. Dancers, craftsmen, Art Deco and Colonial style architecture, visits to Cuban homes, and working side-by-side with Cuban photographers are all part of this unique workshop experience.

Travel to Cuba is approved for all participants on this tour who will be part of a group Educational Exchange Travel authorized under the new US regulations as of Nov. 10, 2017.

Cost: US$2795   Single supplement US$180 - Maximum 12 participants.

Above are but a few only of all the workshops and tours available. If you’d like to see more, visit our main source for this post: International Directory of Photography Workshops & Tours. 

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