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Prices for a wedding photography coverage vary depending on a list of factors that may or may not figure on your personal list. You may choose a la carte services or a package from your photographer. In this post, we will assume that you will not be hiring the photographer of “the stars”.                        


Check it out:

1.  Where is your wedding location?                                                                              

  • In a city: Everything always cost more in big cities.                                                
  • In some distant place, the photographer will have to travel to?
2.  How many hours of photo shooting do you require?

3.  How many photographers do you need?

4.  What type of services and package do you require?

I have looked at some statistics for you and found out that most couples in the USA spend between $1,200 and $3,000. The upper range to that would be $4,500 and more.   
Wedding photography packages typically cover 8 to 10 hours. More or less shooting time will affect the cost.

What Does a Wedding Photo Package Include?

Hours of coverage                                                                                 

Standard packages cover 8 to 10 hours of shooting. Overtime to what was agreed in your contract will cost extra. The number of photographers present or extra staffing will also mean extra charges.

Tip: Photographers have peak months and low seasons and even weekdays opposed to weekends. Those come with different pricing.


Extra or special equipment will, of course, cost more.


If your photographer has to drive a distance to your wedding event, he/she will have to charge you for transportation. In the case of a faraway destination, you will, of course, have to cover the photographer’s (and his team?) airfares, accommodation and probably meals.   

Editing work to produce awesome wedding pictures will take a fair amount of time.
One wedding album is often part of the package. Depending on the layout, an average wedding album will hold between 60 and 160 photos. The quality of the cover will affect the price.

Digital Files                                                                                               

Wedding packages often include digital files on DVDs or USB.


You may want to have a certain number of selected prints as part of your package; these may include canvas prints. Speciality prints will come as extras.

Choosing your wedding photographer is a top priority in organising your big day. Whatever your choices may be for your budget, always ask questions before you confirm hiring a photographer and make sure you read your contract first. The right photographer will deliver the beautiful lifetime memories you deserve. 

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