By SnapSquad - December 14, 2018

“So this is Christmas and what have you done?”                                            

Let your friends know how you and your family have been doing and let your business associates and clients know that your good wishes are for them too. Send them your best Christmas photo shots!

I- Your personal Cheers.

They are a message to friends about yourself and/or your family. A picture is worth a thousand words; you will want this one (or you may opt to send a few different pictures?) to reflect how you want to project yourself.    
Depending on how important your Christmas shot is going to be this year, either as a cherished memory or as a promotional tool, you may even decide to hire a photographer to do the job or you may simply take your own shots. Whatever your choice, here are a few scenario ideas you may like to consider:

1. Just you
After all, you may be single or simply send your greetings to friends without wanting to involve your close family. Your picture could feature you in action, involved in your favourite hobby or something you are particularly known for to all your friends.  Of course, a goofy look is always a good option. 

Right now I have in mind someone’s picture of himself dressed in Santa’s outfit and holding a surfboard with the sea in the background.                                                                                                       
Or you could be “caught” at a Christmas market?                                

Or pose with your pet(s)?                                                                                                               

There is also the present trend to use cards to display a message on a photo.
Be creative and release the “merry” in Christmas onto your photos!

2. You and your loved ones

(a) A family picture.                                                                                      

After all, isn’t Christmas a celebration of the family? There are so many ways to express how close your family feels at those gatherings, how they love to do things together. Here are few ideas of moments you could catch with your camera:
  • Everyone in the kitchen, busy preparing the meal and baking, perhaps even making a mess of things, especially the children (I just flashed back on making chocolate truffles!).
  • Around the Christmas tree (or climbing it!).
  • In front of a log fire.
  • Wrapped up in a Christmas quilt together with a baby or the kids.
  • Everybody dressed up with the theme. 
  • Caught in an explosion of confetti. 
  • Outdoors pictures in the snow, in your garden or in a park; perhaps in front of your local church; in front of an Xmas tree or some public display; next to Frosty the snowman…
  • As a couple kissing in a festive décor or underneath mistletoe. 
  • Think of simple tricks such as a face reflected on the surface of a Christmas ball and think of all the props available for you to use!
You can be traditional, romantic, and goofy or mean (why not?), it’s all up to you really and how you feel at that time.

3. Your Favourite Pet  

You love your pet and have been wanting to frame up some pet photos for quite some time? Here is your chance. You may need some patience though unless you want to call a professional. Nowadays, pet photographers like to come out of the studio with their animal models and catch some good outdoors romping.                                                                             

You’d rather stay warm and clean indoors? Then you could even opt for a together portrait.

II- Business Greetings

It might be all about promotional gimmicks yet business is done with emotional beings; so by all means, make Christmas work for you by using this cheerful opportunity to invest yourself personally and forward season greetings to your clients.
  • Gaudy Cheers: Why not? Christmas is gaudy everywhere. Beware though not to over-do it to the risk of being vulgar, and offend recipients.
  • Personal Appearance: Here is a good opportunity to show the face behind the business with a portrait of yourself. With this in mind, focus on the positive impression of yourself you wish to convey: people need to like you and respect you too.
  • A Team Appearance: Are you employing a team? Then involve them in your company’s picture and kill two birds with one stone: Your clients will be happy to see the faces behind the trading and you will bring cheers and closeness to your employees.
  • A minimalistic Choice: If this is what you choose then make sure it is artistic and meaningful. Being Minimalist may require more work than any other style.

“And so this is Christmas, I hope you have fun
The near and the dear ones, the old and the young”

John Lennon – Happy Xmas (War is Over)

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