PROMOTING YOUR BUSINESS: People prefer visuals

By SnapSquad - December 01, 2018

It is no mystery that photos are becoming the “universal” language. Technology has created a new world for us where we want to communicate and share information faster and faster and to a broader crowd as ever before. Let’s face it, we rather keep in touch with selfies over social media than with letters. A photo will touch your whole family and all your friends with just one finger click and often generate an instant reaction (with smileys or visual symbols like thumbs up etc.).   

How does this translate into the business world?

Attention Needed      
Your business needs attention, it needs to touch clients fast to keep them up-to-date with your promotions and new products. It needs a response from existing clientele as it needs to reach a broader audience. Everyone is busy, busy and well, a bit lazy too and it has become a fact that they all have embraced a new culture: a visual culture.

A Story to Be Told    
Imagine your advertising photo as a story being told but this time visually. You want that story to be powerful enough to capture the attention of a large audience without them needing to read an explanatory text. You also want it to trigger emotions.

A Connection to Be Made       
In our new world, people are craving for connection; your business needs to reach a specific audience which in turn needs to recognise themselves in your photo-story and relate when it triggers their own feel-good memories.

Authenticity Needed     
Because of the personal emotions, your photo-story will trigger, the subject of your picture must appear authentic, genuine. There is no put-me-off picture as one staging fake attitudes and smiles. To achieve authenticity you will need quality work.

Quality Delivers    
In order to catch the eye and stay connected with the viewer, your business simply cannot afford low-quality pictures; images contribute up to 60% in triggering consumer’s interest and engagement and remember you are in competition with hundreds, so make sure you call a professional photographer who, when required, will organise the right scene for your business photo-story and will know where to hire the right models for the right job. 

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