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Following our New York article, this time we looked at off the beaten tracks for photographers in London. As one would expect, the charm of this old city is very different (if only for the fact that human history is older, much older) from what is found across the Atlantic. Indeed, a different adventure with lots of excitement if you want to get away a little from over-shot tourist spots. Here are a few suggestions on what to look for:

Unless you love taking pictures of crowds, you may want to avoid Oxford, Regent and Bond streets.With that being said, interesting places are certainly easy to find, from streets that may confuse you with their uniform architecture to secluded mews. But let’s start with something more contemporary...

1. Graffiti Streets :

Apart from the obvious graffiti and their artists, you will also spot some interesting characters.

-The South Bank and its skate park have acquired an iconic status.
-Leake Street, Waterloo.
-Graffiti Tunnel under Waterloo Station.
-Camden TownCheck out the street art sheds along the canal and under the railway arches.
-Shoreditch around a few streets like Redchurch Street and Leonard Street.

2. Abandoned Buildings:

They are not difficult to find.

--There are quite a few derelict buildings in Shoreditch.
--The abandoned Strand Station
--Pubs. You will find that so many are now closed, attractive only to the keen photographer.

3-London Mews:

A quieter London, the many iconic mews (translating to back streets or alleys) used to serve as service roads at the back of wealthy houses of the Victorian gentry. They are now counted amongst the prettiest streets of London.

-- Kynance Mews in Kensington is known for its grand arched entrances and its pretty houses.
-- St.Luke’s Mews in Notting Hill. 
-- Hampstead
-- Lancaster Road and its colorful houses.

If you are looking for beautiful streets, I recommend you to visit
Prettiest Streets in London: A Lady In London

There are, of course, countless places to explore to satisfy your special interest such as museums and their surroundings, tube stations (old and new), old technology to be spotted, like old water pumps or even abandoned Dr.Who’s telephone cabins. Think of markets, parks and river banks. I mean, there is even a Roman wall! 

Author: Annie R. Teo

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