By SnapSquad - June 04, 2018

Your event is now penned on the calendar and, with your specific criteria in mind, you have narrowed your list of SnapSquad photographers down to two or three. Before you seal the deal there is one important step you should not miss: chat with them!. Hiring the right photographer for your event is extremely important. If you are looking for someone who is going to create your business’ “face” (or your models’), you need to be attuned. If it’s a wedding or family event photographer you need, you want to make sure he/she can mingle easily and for a whole day with your guests. Beyond the skilled photographer, you need to communicate with the person and feel comfortable while making sure you understand every detail of your contract.

Here is a list of 21 questions you could add to your own:

1 - How many weddings have you covered? 
And…For shoots related to business:                                                                    

    What percentage of your business consists of shooting for (your category of business shoot)        versus other types of events (such as weddings, portraits etc)?

2 - Have you ever shot at my venue(s) before?

3 - Do you have a business licence and insurance?

4 - Lighting equipment specific to the space at the venue?

5 - And back-up equipment?

6 - Some black & white shots? 

6 - My actual photographer? (and not one of your assistants)

8 - With one (or more) assistants? 
To capture different angles and aspects of the event.

9 - How do you charge for your assistants?

10 - What will you and your assistant(s) be wearing?
11 - Do you have back-up photographers in case you fall sick?
12 - How many hours of coverage do we get? Or do you charge by day or event?   

13 - Will you charge extra if my event lasts longer than expected? 
Make sure this is in your contract.   

14 - How will you deliver the files/images to me? 
15 - How long after the event will I be able to see the photos?

16 - How long will it take you to deliver the pictures/finished products?

17 - Do you have restrictions for sharing photos online or for publication? Who owns the copyright to the photos?

18 - Should you want to use pictures of this shoot for your own gallery, will you seek my permission first?       
19 - Do you offer packages and if I choose one, can I customize it? If you requested the use of film, you’ll want to know how much the films will cost and how much their processing?
20 - What is the deposit and when will the total fee be due? 
On SnapSquad, fees are paid through the platform in full upon booking.
21 - Can you send me a copy of your contract?

Author: Annie R. Teo


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