By SnapSquad - April 07, 2018

SnapSquad was created for photographers to gain maximum FREE online exposure to generate bookings for their professional services.

That’s right, SNAPSQUAD is FREE!

  • FREE registration.
  • FREE advertising of members photographers to publish and advertise their services.

Only when a booking has been made for one of its member’s services will SnapSquad charge a small commission on their billing.

Here’s how it works:

1, Register
Publish the services you offer on our website
We recommend our members to publish 1 listing per speciality. So, if you wish to advertise, for instance, 3 specialities (Weddings, Portraits, Food…) you will publish 3 listings: 1 for Weddings, 1 for Portraits and 1 for Food.

2, Promote your Mobility and Earn While Travelling.
There is no geographical limitation on SNAPSQUAD. This means that if you happen to travel out of your usual zone of work, you can publish, ahead of your trip, a special listing to let potential clients know that you will be available in a specific country/city on specific dates. 
So do not miss an opportunity to attract more clients and be recruited for shoots while you move around. A nice way to earn while you are travelling!

3, Earn with SnapSquad's Affiliate Program
It gets even better on SNAPSQUAD with our new Affiliate Program which is currently in Private Beta (At time of writing this post).
Being an Affiliate is great for member photographers who want to earn a passive income simply by cross-promoting.
By joining you can earn as much as 10% of SnapSquad’s fee for any booking that is referred to us through you. As simple as that!
This feature is our latest addition to our website, literally hot from the oven; needless to say that we will keep you posted on this.

Interested in joining? Please contact SNAPSQUAD

4, Spread the Word and Grow Together.
As a community driven platform that aims at increasing our members’ exposure to an ever growing market we strongly encourage you
to share information about SnapSquad on your social media accounts or on your own blogs. Sharing the word will in turn benefit you and all our members and make our SnapSquad market place more liquid. As in a snowball effect, more quality sellers will bring more quality buyers.

Tips on Listing
  • Share your biography; do not neglect that part. Clients do want to know about your personality and what it is about you (beyond your pictures) that make them click.
  • For every listing you publish, make sure to pick the best picture which you think represents your style most.
  • Make sure you share your listing on social media.
  • Give a description of your equipment; some clients so want to know.

  • If you are creating an “on tour” listing, publish it as soon as your calendar dates are confirmed. Give as much time as possible for clients to know about your trip and your dates.
  • In order to avoid misunderstandings, remember to set your listing as a “by request only” booking so that it may be confirmed ONLY when you accept it. 
  • If your “on tour" listing is for a country/city you easily or often travel to, you may want to consider a permanent listing for it.
  • Make sure you legally comply with any work requirements.


Author: Annie R. Teo

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