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A pre-wedding shoot or engagement shoot, usually takes place between 6 to 3 months before the wedding day. Unlike your wedding photo album, your engagement pictures will not be about the ceremony, family, guests and all the beautiful and sometimes funny things that usually happen on that day. Your engagement shoot will be about you and the one who is soon going to be your life partner.  It will be about two different people, with both a different history and personality who have agreed to continue together on their life journey.

Here are a few reasons why pre-wedding shoots have become so popular with young couples who are ready to tie the knot and why you too, may want to follow in their trail:


You are soon to be married. The ceremony, the cars, the flowers, the banquet and the hotel (assuming you have recruited a wedding planner), everything will be taken care of. Your part will be to shine for your family and guests and give your best in front of the camera.

The pre-wedding photo shoot will be the rehearsal for the big day; the time when you get acquainted to the photographer you’ll have selected, develop a good rapport and learn with him/her to get the best results. You will learn the photographer’s style while he/she will be able to discover and capture your personalities to tell the story of what makes both of you a couple; the story of two.


Planning a pre-wedding photo shoot for you and your fiancé will be an exciting experience when you will both have the opportunity to look even deeper into what your relationship really means: who are you, really and what do you love sharing? What is it you most love about each other? And depending on your answers to these questions, in what kind of place would you like to have your photos taken?So much to talk about, plan and finally share with the photographer who, as an artist and professional, will be the one to express for you, your very special chemistry and your emotions through photography.


First, make sure that you have decided on a theme, a concept.If you are not too sure on how to come up with a concept suitable for both of you to convey your story, there are many ideas to be found on the internet. Here on SNAPSQUAD, you can visit our photographers’ galleries and investigate on what they have done for other couples. Whether traditional or more creative, you find the concept that best suits you and you have found your photographer!


Take it that a pre-wedding photo shoot is the best and most romantic time for a couple to model together for gorgeous pictures. The whole experience is all about love and sharing what makes you spark when you are together; a very special time for you to be stars in your own sky!

Author: Annie R. Teo

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