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Plan ahead
Time flies when you take portraits, especially of your own baby, and you will need plenty; probably about one hour or so. Since Baby will change very fast, it would be good to take pictures 2 or 3 times a week in the early days. Plan your props and accessories (read part I).

Feed Baby
You have safely organised your mini studio (read Part I), now you will need Baby to be fast asleep in order to position him as you wish. Of course, it is much easier with a new-born who can’t move much.        After feeding is an ideal time to take Baby to his couch, already positioned by a large window, making sure that light will reach the forehead first. Make sure Baby won’t get cold!

Decide on Baby being dressed or naked.
Naked is a popular choice, or perhaps with just a diaper. Clothes are usually too large at that age, so keep it simple. Again, keep it warm too!

Make sure you have an assistant
Mostly for safety and, too, to remember to keep Baby warm at all time and, when necessary, hold him into position. Time to recruit Hubby, Mum, Sis…

Pick a pose for Baby
You may have seen many baby pictures that you like and you could take inspiration from them. You may opt for simple and natural poses such as laying Baby down on his tummy (keep a blanket on his back till you are ready to shoot) while using some small pillows as support; for this pose you may want to gently lift his head, tuck the hands under the head and the legs underneath the body. 
You may also like to try a more creative pose and use some of your prepared extra equipment (read Part I)?
Always wait for Baby to fall back into sleep and be peaceful, take a look at the whole scene till you are pleased with all the details.

Start taking pictures
Time to take those memorable pictures of your baby! Take pictures from various angles: the whole scene, but also little cute details, like tiny hands and toes. Zoom in and even consider macro lens.

Author: Annie R. Teo

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