10 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Professional Photographer

By SnapSquad - February 12, 2018

We all have an Auntie Kate or a friend who is really into photography, equipped with the latest DSLR and accessories, and who takes fantastic shots during free weekends and holidays. So, when the time comes to build a business portfolio, when you have been put in charge of the photo/video coverage of your association main event this year, or when your daughter is ready to tie the knot at her dream-wedding, why not save the buck (who’s not on a budget?) and call on Auntie Kate?

Well… the question should be (with all respect due to Auntie Kate), are you expecting great snapshots? Or do you need someone with proper training, professional skills, artistry as well as emotional acumen who will deliver you with the vision you expected for your portfolio, your team and none the least, for your precious daughter? In other words, will you risk missing a priceless moment for what could become a lifetime of regrets? Clearly by now, hiring a professional photographer for crucial shoots does make better sense.

Here are 10 reasons a professional photographer is the right choice for you:

A professional photographer will bring with him/her years of schooling in creativity and training in technical skills and with them, they will create images that fit your style.

You are not dealing with a meaningful promise here but instead, with a proper written contractual agreement that will secure the services on the day and hour you required.  Your photographer will show up!

Without the proper equipment, photographers cannot perform their work duties. They know their equipment inside out, and do not have to fiddle with lenses or check a booklet to select the proper exposure and adjust their settings.

You professional photographer will bring artistic skills to successfully manipulate lighting, shades and colors.

When a backdrop and posing props are needed, a professional photographer will know how to come prepared with the right ones. This will certainly beat Aunty Kate’s best bed sheet as a background!

There is no substitute for experience; and experience means consistency in the results achieved by the photographer. There will be no “lucky snapshots”.

This is a very important skill: to make people relax and have fun in front of a camera.
Your photographer will be able to capture the emotions of the moment. The results will be the difference between capturing the whole essence of a moment or a place and well… just a snapshot.

Your photographer will be sensitive to little details that come together to make a great picture: Knowing how to make people and even children take a pose; catch the best facial expression and make the whole scene meaningful.

Technology in photography progresses very fast and photographers must keep up with the latest digital imaging skills and complex programs in order to edit your pictures so that they look amazing.
You invested in a venue, dress, rings, florist, caterer, calligrapher, graphic designer, bakery, DJ, etc. and you're not sure about the additional expense when someone you know loves taking pictures and offered to help. A pro photographer is the ultimate investment because how else will you relive the day in exquisite detail without the images?

Whatever your reason for hiring a professional photographer, you will have invested in: hard work to get that job; money to make your business successful; time and resources to make an event successful; emotions to make everyone concerned happy. So why not go the extra mile and invest in getting high standards for your photo work?

Written By: Annie R. Teo

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